Mapa Architects d.o.o. is an architectural design studio. Studio represents the founders’ natural development and their extensive experience in the processes of design, construction and process of development investment. After a long career working in a corporation, and self-dealing with the processes of design and development investment, the continuation of this process has lead in the direction of organizing multi-disciplinary team of experts.

The Studio will be providing services in architectural design, exterior and interior design, but also other related activities and consultancy services. Through the design process of each project, the client is accessed with the same level of care and energy, creating optimal solutions, regardless of the size of the property and the level of investment. Every new project is different and special, a new challenge and a new field for innovations that are interwoven with sensibility and aesthetics of our team of authors. Activities that affect a broad spectrum, ranging from theory to its realization, development of a project that is being developed in multiple iterations and number of different aspects.Respecting, hitherto, already established architectural standards and unique principles of cooperation with investors and clients, throughout the studio there will be continued endeavor of the author team to establish new values by which MAPA Architects studio will be recognized.

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